What is CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

               "The craniosacral system offers a pathway to self-truth & self healing.
                  It is the system where body/mind and spirit cohabit. " Dr. Upledger 

CST is a very gentle light touch modality which releases restrictions from the central nervous system so that every other system in the body can relax, self -correct and free itself from discomfort and pain. CST is safe for all ages and most health conditions.
CST approaches pain as a call to become whole and bring mind, body and spirit connected to embrace lasting changes. Many times when we have physical pain we disregard the connection to our emotions. Communication between all parts of you facilitate integration.

What Is Somato Emotional Release (SER)

SomatoEmotional Release is a therapeutic process that helps rid the mind and body of residual effects of past trauma associated with negative experiences. Those memories are  stored in the body. During a SER, the facilitator looks for the life story and life expression in your tissue. Coming from the principle that your body have a cellular intelligence which is ready for you to access it, a SER process facilitates release, resolution and integration.
A facilitator honors and collaborate with you as you set the pace of your healing  process. When you learn this process it can be beneficial to change the way you respond to stress and solve other issues.
My intention is to create a supportive space where you feel safe to live the truth within your self. I am grateful and honored to share and facilitate this process with you!

               "Nothing never goes away until we know what it is" Pemma Chodron

CranioSacral for babies

A Healthy Start

It is recommended for newborns to receive CST evaluations and treatments as soon as possible after birth.
Children should continue to receive CST periodically throughout childhood to support their physical and emotional development.
During the birth process, baby's cranial bones may override each other when they mold to fit mother's pelvis; or they can be injured by a fast birth, prolonged labor, vacuum, forceps or cesarean birth.
CST can help.
Some newborn treatable conditions:
*Colic/ Digestive Challenges 
*Reflux / Poor Sleep
*Breastfeeding Difficulties
*Tongue Tie
*Torticollis/ Plagiocephaly
*Chronic Ear Infection

Pregnancy & Labor

Time To Receive

From conception to birthing CST can improve mom's health, empower mother and baby and facilitate a positive birth experience.
CST helps balance the mother's emotional body by relieving stress and body memories of past emotional and physical traumas.
It provides a special time for mother to deepens her connection to baby, as she can safely express fears and concerns about the transition to motherhood.
Some clinical discoveries when used CST during pregnancy and deliver are:​​​​​​​
*Treat Morning Sickness
*Reduces Pain /Inflammation
*Can Turn Breech Babies
*Can be used instead of Pitocin
*Shorter Labor
*Moms recover more quickly
*Babies are more alert, less fussy
*Breastfeeding seems more easy


Nurturing The Mother

A postpartum treatment supports the realignment of the spine and pelvic, the re position of internal organs and rehabilitate overworked muscles.
CST helps mother process and integrate the birth experience to create the most optimal support for her baby health.
CST nurtures mother so she can better nurture her baby.
Some clinical treatable conditions:
*Postpartum Depression
*Anxiety /Fatigue
*Nerve pain
*Birth Trauma
*Recovery from Cesarean Birth
*Recovery from Epidural 

Feng Shui

Create Balance

Feng Shui is a Chinese ancient art of furniture placement, refining of color, lightning and all aspects of decor which creates space for positive physical and emotional changes. During a consultation your home/office Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood,
will be adjusted to create more balance in your life.
When you place intentions and apply Feng Shui to your space you can improve:
*Buy/ Sell Homes
*Health and more...

CranioSacral for Adults


Healing is a Journey. I find that at every stage of our lives we can benefit from the gentle approach of CST.
During a session your CranioSacral system is invited to self correct to better assist in your healing process. When emotions arise and you feel like dialoguing you are invited to call in your inner wisdom to guide your session. CST facilitates this deep connection with your Soul, through your body to integrate, body, mind and spirit in your unique way.

ConSoultation Cards

Express Yourself

SoulCollage® is a creative and exploratory  process, in which you create your own personal deck of collages cards, using your intuition and imagination. It was developed by Senna Frost, a Family Therapist in Watsonville, CA , while she combined her passions for spirituality, psychotherapy, and creativity.
"Stir together the ingredients of your imagination and intuition with a few powerful, cut-out images, and you can create your first SoulCollage®card." Gradually you will create your own deck of cards, where you can express many facets of your life and share in a safe community. 

We got up at 4AM, rolled out of our camp site and dazzlingly found our way to Angels Landing trail head so we could be among the first to hike (or should I say climb) the treacherous trail. There are so many iconic parts of this hike that you almost think it can’t be as amazing as the photos. But then it is. 

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